Preobrazba 2013


After losing election for US Congress, the well spoken Hannah coaches a beer vendor for the position as he, contrary to Hannah, has a likable personality. Can they learn from each other?

All Titles
  • US: The Makeover The Makeover
  • BR: O Candidato O Candidato
  • BG: Преобразяване Преобразяване
  • FR: Le candidat de mon coeur Le candidat de mon coeur
  • DE: Ein Kandidat zum Verlieben Ein Kandidat zum Verlieben
  • HU: Modern Pygmalion Modern Pygmalion
  • IT: Un amore di candidato Un amore di candidato
  • PL: Przeobrazenie Przeobrazenie
  • PT: The Makeover - O Candidato The Makeover - O Candidato
  • RO: Transformarea Transformarea
  • RU: Преображение Преображение
  • ES: Un cambio radical Un cambio radical
  • UA: Перевтiлення Перевтiлення
Director John Gray
Artists Frances Fisher
as Allie Doolittle
Camryn Manheim
as Colleen
Julia Stiles
as Hannah Higgins
Released 27 Jan 2013
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