Pravda za vsako ceno 1998

A tenacious lawyer takes on a case involving a major company responsible for causing several people to be diagnosed with leukemia due to the town's water supply being contaminated, at the risk of bankrupting his firm and career.

All Titles
  • US: A Civil Action A Civil Action
  • AR: Una acción civil Una acción civil
  • AT: Zivilprozeß Zivilprozeß
  • BR: A Qualquer Preço A Qualquer Preço
  • BG: Гражданско дело Гражданско дело
  • CA: Une action au civil Une action au civil
  • DK: Civil Action Civil Action
  • FI: Siviilirohkeutta Siviilirohkeutta
  • FR: Préjudice Préjudice
  • DE: Zivilprozeß Zivilprozeß
  • GR: O katigoros O katigoros
  • GR: Ο Κατήγορος Ο Κατήγορος
  • HU: Zavaros vizeken Zavaros vizeken
  • LT: Civilinis ieškinys Civilinis ieškinys
  • MX: Una acción civil Una acción civil
  • PL: Adwokat Adwokat
  • PT: A Qualquer Custo A Qualquer Custo
  • RU: Гражданский иск Гражданский иск
  • ES: Acción civil Acción civil
  • ES: A Civil Action (Acción civil) A Civil Action (Acción civil)
  • TR: Dava Dava
Directed by Steven Zaillian
Artists John Travolta
as Jan Schlichtmann
Robert Duvall
as Jerome Facher
Stephen Fry
as Pinder
Release date 08 Jan 1999
Genre Drama
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